January 2, 2013

Twelve from '12

I've seen several of my favorite bloggers recap 2012 by posting their top twelve pictures from the year. If I was on top of blogging (which I clearly am not) I would have posted this several days ago!

But, better late than never, right?

I decided to pick my favorite picture from each month! So, here is the Boggan's 2012 snap snot!

After four long months trapped inside, Kate was finally able to walk outside and enjoy our neighbors flowers!


Kate was finally able to enjoy the great outdoors without her mask! Many clorox wipes were used on the swing! And I may have been a nervous wreck! But, we did it! I cried tears of joy as I witnessed Kate's smile outside for the first time in months!


We enjoyed a family day (mask free - big WooHoo!) at the Houston Aquarium as we soaked up every minute with our sweet girl before we became a family of four!


We welcomed Will into our family and on April 16 we brought him home! I had a really hard time picking a picture for this month as it was such a special time for our family!


We witnessed Kate thrive in her new role as big sister! My heart has never felt so complete!


Kate continually proved her flair for dramatics! No clue where she gets that from! ;)


This sweet boy, and his amazing leg rolls, filled our hearts and home with so much joy!


August was filled with celebrations - Kate's 2nd birthday and her 1st re-birthday! What an amazing month it was celebrating the life that was saved by a precious donor!


We witnessed a survivor thrive and live life to the fullest! Kate is so full of life and her strength and determination shines through every day!


A week with family at the most magical place on Earth! So good for my soul!


For the first time in my life, I was able to bring my children to see Santa. May not seem like much to most but it was HUGE for me. Proof that Kate was health and that Will was hanging in there given everything he is facing!


We'll end the year with a true life I'm the mom of two young kids shot! This is how family pictures have gone for a while now. It may not be perfect to most but to me, it is wonderful.

My kids are alive.

Kate is able to refuse to look at pictures.

Will is able to hang out and wait for everyone else.

I am able to parent.

Able to love.

Able to make ridiculous faces all for the sake of a picture of my loves.

We spent the best eight days in Mississippi for Christmas. Surrounded by family. Surrounded by love. Surrounded by hope. It was the absolute best way to wrap up this year. It's been a crazy year.


We survived.

I'd even go so far as to say we thrived in 2012!



Anonymous said...

Such a good year! Happy 2013, Lindsey! :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful year for you all!

Amy @ Woodlawn Lane said...

I wish I could "like" each and every one of these pictures like on facebook!! lol Your family is so adorable, and such an inspiration! Little Will is in my prayers this year that all goes well with his "re-birthday"! And continued strength for you and Alex!

Shannon Dew said...

Amazing year for the Boggan family!

Gina said...

These pictures are so fantastic. Love this post.

Heather said...

Seeing Kate a year ago an now just puts a big ol' smile on my face!

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