January 29, 2013

Family Pictures: Christmas Card Session

Way back in November we had family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. I didn't share them at the time because I have this weird complex about sharing pictures that will be on Christmas cards I send out.

Ridiculous, I know. But, oh well!

We had a great time with Allison of {Lentille Photography} and I am in love with our pictures! She captured our true personalities and I adorethe pictures she took!

This picture is being framed and hung on my gallery wall I talked about yesterday! You know, when I actually get it printed, remember to pull out the hammer, nail a hanger into the wall, and hang the framed picture while my kids are awake.

Why do I always think about using the hammer while they are sleeping??

Alex's parents were in town when we took these pictures and we were able to get some Boggan family pictures! Alex is an only child so these really are pictures of the entire Boggan crew! Allison also took pictures of Kate and her PaPaw. If you couldn't tell, she is a PaPaw's girl! I am certain he will give her anything she asks for!

As always, Will was totally unimpressed with pictures - just as he is normally unimpressed with life!

Thankfully, Allison was able to capture smiles from the kids too!

We had such a blast with Allison and I cannot wait for our Bluebonnet mini session with her in March! If you are in the Houston area, I highly suggest {Lentille Photography} for your next session!

All images are Property of {Lentille Photography}


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Shannon Dew said...

These are gorgeous! You look amazing! The black and white one of K & W is SO so cute! Even if Will is unimpressed ;-)

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