January 28, 2013

That's So Cute: Valentine's Printable

I promise this random back story is applicable to a fun Valentine's printable. Y'all just try to stay with me for a second!

A while ago (like way back in August), Alex went on a guys 30th birthday celebration trip to New Orleans with several of his fraternity brothers. We made a deal that he could go on this trip, leaving me at home alone with an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old, if I got a girls trip to the beach. Obviously, I survived, and got my girls trip!

If I'm being honest? I didn't just survive. I pretty much rocked a weekend alone with both babies! 

While Alex was in New Orleans running around the city in a red dress while drinking copious amount of alcohol I decided I was sick and tired of looking at a blank wall and that I NEEDED a new gallery wall. So, I packed my two up, headed to the glorious Hobby Lobby, purchased frames, rush ordered prints, and set out to have a new gallery wall completed before Alex made it home.

In order to avoid 945809245 holes in my wall, I actually planned out where I wanted everything to go! I used the ridiculous amount of packing paper HL uses when you purchase frames, traced everything I had, and spent way too long moving things around until I (with the help of all of my twitter ladies) found the best layout!


And before anyone asks, no I didn't hang pictures at toddler level. That light switch? In the upper left corner? Is super high and is the switch to our attic light.

I had prints for all of the frames but one. I accidentally purchased a certificate frame which fits a 8.5x11 image/ document. I've known for a while I wanted to use this frame (that no photo print would fit in) for seasonal printables! However, I've done nothing to search for said printables which meant I've had an 8x10 print in a 8.5x11 frame (looking oh so ghetto) for far too long.

However, last week my sweet friend Lindsey posted a precious Valentine's Day printable from her shop That's So Cute on facebook and I was SOLD! I knew that I needed this printable, and all other holiday printables she offers, for my wall!

Lindsey sent me the file so quickly and I had it printed off at my local Staples. I'm sure you could print it at home but we have a crappy printer and our color ink cartridge is currently empty! Staples is way cheaper, and easier, than a new print cartridge!

I just love how it looks on my gallery wall! Yes I still need too hang the two remaining frames that are still sitting on my dining room table. But? I'll get around to it! And right now adding a printable is a pretty big victory!

I mean seriously, how cute is this?!?!

I love the holiday flare it adds to my wall! Lindsey is planning on offering a special printable for each month/ season and I am so excited to add the St. Patrick's Day printable to my wall in a few weeks!

So please, head over and like the That's So Cute Facebook page so you are the first to know about fun printables Lindsey creates! That's So Cute also does custom invitations, cupcake toppers, and party decor! And how freaking cute are the chalkboard birthday posters? Cannot wait to have one made for Will's first birthday!

I was not compensated for this post. I just really love my sweet friend Lindsey and her amazing creations!



Shannon Dew said...

I love your collage wall!!!

Amy said...

your wall looks great! and i cannot believe how much will and kate look alike in those baby pics. i definitely think they favor, but i guess since kate has so much hair now, i don't see the resemblance as much. but in the pic of her on the left - it could be will!

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