January 24, 2013

She will do BIG things

Whether it is as a doctor treating her patients.

A nurse establishing loving relationships.

Or a momma kissing boo-boos.

This compassionate girl?

Who insists on "yissenin to bubbas heart" daily while confirming he is "perfect! Just perfect!"

She will do big things.

Move mountains.



Make me so very proud.

All while allowing me to keep my eye on the prize. And focus on Will being healed, like she is now.

She is so right.

He is perfect.

Just perfect!



Megan and David said...

she is such a sweet little love!

Julianne @ Bogs and Bows said...

I think of you often, friend! Thankful for Kate's health & I am already thankful for Will's too because I know she's right. He's just perfect.

Erin said...

This post is as perfect as those precious children of yours! Kate is such a sweetie!

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