January 23, 2013

Good for My Soul

If you follow me on twitter you know that I've been in a bit of a funk over the past few weeks. I'm just overwhelmed with planning surgeries. chemo, transplant, etc. Add in that my kids have been sick most of the month, which means I've been trapped in my house, and I just needed a pick me up!

Thankfully my bestie and her hubby had a trip planned out to Houston for a visit! Erin and I have been friends since college and I actually set her and her husband up way back in 2005! Brent and Alex are former college roommates and the four of us always have such a great time together!

Our visit was just what I needed! Fun, relaxing, and no pressure!

We headed to the zoo Saturday (1/12) and Kate had a blast showing Uncle Brent and Aunt Erin all of "her" animals!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Kate is finally able to go to the petting zoo again (she couldn't post transplant until her immune systems was back and strong). Let me tell you! This girl? Obsessed! She was so extremely happy and had a blast petting, hugging, chasing, and tormenting the goats! 

And I took a deep breath and let go of control as she got her $$ smocked dress covered in petting zoo mud.

And Will? He was totally content flashing his dimpled smile at everyone while riding in his new wagon!

We stayed at home after the kids went down Saturday night, had a few cold ones, listened to amazing cometary (thanks to Brent and Alex) about the Miss America pageant, and just fellowshipped with great friends! I love visitors that don't need to be entertained or fussed over!

We made a quick trip to the Museum of Natural Science Sunday before we had to say our goodbyes. Selfie with Bubs to prove we were both there! And FYI wearing a 22 pound baby while taking pictures is kind of tricky! Ha!

Loving Aunt Erin and Uncle Brent!

This butterfly landed on Alex and Kate was determined to kiss it and hug it!

We had so much fun with the Roberts! It was exactly what my soul needed! Isn't it amazing how time with your people can wash away your anxiety and calm your fears? We are so blessed by these two and I am so thankful we have maintained such a great relationship over all of these years!

The worst part of our visit was having to say goodbye. As always our time together was entirely too short. Hopefully we will be reunited again soon!


Unknown said...

Love all the pictures! So gad you all had such a wonderful day!

Heather said...

So glad you had a nice distraction from everything!
If you don't already know this, OxiClean is seriously the best thing ever invented when it comes to getting stains out of kids clothes. Just soak overnight then wash. Totally color safe.

Erin R. said...

Love your post. And love the pictures of the kiddies. They are too beautiful. Miss you tons and can't wait for the Boggan's inaugural trip to Bamaland in late 2014!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

weekends with good friends are sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered :)

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