January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

So I got a bit heavy on the blog yesterday. Sorry about that!

I thought I'd lighten things up and publicly proclaim my goals for this year! You know because blogging about goals means I will admit defeat next January actually do what I set out to do! Ha!

Here are my goals:

*Finally update those tabs at the top of my blog. You see them? The pages that have been there, blank for almost a year? Yeah. I will finally finish my drafts and click publish on them.

*Read at least 50 books. Reading calms me so much. I want to keep the TV off and keep the kindle on more this year. I blogged about doing this in 2012 and was very successful - I read over 50 books in 2012 and want to keep the trend up. For the record, I've already finished two books this year!

*Get out of the house, by myself, at least once a week once Will is placed on isolation.

*Have weekly dates with just Kate. I need to be so much better about this. Ideally I would start this now but for certain this needs to happen once I am so focused on Will's treatment and health.

*Blog consistently and start a "catching up" series to document wonderful memories of 2012 that never made it to the blog. Like our Disney trip...

*Continue to pack Alex's lunch. I started slacking on this about a month ago but I really want to start doing this again. I know Alex appreciates it and it makes me feel like I am doing something simple, yet special for him!

*Pull out my "big" camera at least three times a week.

*Spend some time learning more about Photoshop.

What are you goals for 2013? I'd love to hear what everyone else is hoping to complete this year!



Samantha said...

50 books! That's amazing, good for you. I'm hoping to learn more about my DSLR, learn conversational French and to get back into yoga.

Unknown said...

Those are awesome goals!!
And totally attainable. This year is going to be tough - but I think if you just stick with a few of the things on your list you are going to realize some normalcy and everything will be a-okay.

Lucy Marie said...

Love your goals!! Good luck. I need to really think about what I hope to accomplish this year.

Amber said...

those last two goals I definitely want to accomplish as well! Good luck in achieving each one this year.

Andie said...

if you need photoshop help, let me know! I'm very good with editing photos with photoshop! (3 years of portrait photography helped, too!)

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