March 3, 2010

14 week Survey

I am going to do this survey every week.  As of right now, my official due date is September 1 - making my week "changes" every Wednesday.  Baby B is measuring big by about 5 days but, my doctor won't change my due date.  So, even though I am only 14 weeks today, baby is measuring 14 weeks 5 days!

I don't have a current picture - maybe I'll take one tonight and add it when I get home!

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 3 pounds - and I am having issues with this that I need to just get over

Maternity Clothes: Some.  I can still wear some work pants and am wearing a lot of regular dresses.  I only have one pair of jeans that still fit though so I think I will be all maternity soon!

Stretch Marks: None so far.

Best Moment this Week: My NT scan was last Monday and that was amazing!

Movement: None that I can feel

Food Cravings: Anything salty or cheesy (popcorn, cheddar cheese rice cakes, etc)

Labor Signs: No - and I hope to keep it that way for a while

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Very much so still and Innie

What are You Looking Forward to this Week:  Tomorrow when we should have the official word on the sex of Baby B!!!  Also, our babymoon to Hawaii - we leave Friday!

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The Jones Family said...

Only 3 lbs?? You need to eat some milk shakes...and little debbies...and hamburgers! Come and stay with me for a week and we'll eat "healthy" together!!

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