March 16, 2010

Hello Hunger

Well, my latest pregnancy symptom is uncontrollable hunger. It started about 2 days ago and I literally cannot shove enough food into my puffier by the second face - thus resulting in thighs and a butt that are bound to explode in the next week or so.

I don't think I will be needing to see that nutritionist my Peri mentioned. And, I am terrified of what the scale will show on the weight gain front on Thursday - I am guessing I will be up by at least 5 pounds.

This is what I have consumed between 7-10 this morning:
High Protein Boost
Wheat Bagel with cream cheese
High fiber instant oatmeal
100% Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit fruit cup (it is one of the big ones - not your average fruit cup size)
4 Cuties (the little seedless Clementine/ some other citrus mixed together things)
1 cup of coffee
2 liters of water
Some Oreo cakesters (don't judge me for this choice please)

Seriously, how is my stomach holding all of that food? I really feel like Jabba the Hutt right about now - and get this - I AM STILL STARVING!

I guess baby B is going through a growth spurt and just needs all these extra calories to grow big and strong!

So, if you see me around Houston and I have crumbs all over me, please let me know. I am not a slob; I am just a ravenously hungry pregnant lady!


MJ said...

I am eating like that too and am not really for sure pregnant yet:)

Courtney said...

That's hilarious! Especially when, a few weeks ago, you couldn't stand to eat anything. Lunch with you (next week?!) should be

kim said...

I had phases like that too. Total growth spurt! Enjoy it. I worried about my weight gain the whole pregnancy and it didn't end up being as bad as I thought it would be, and it has mostly all come off with no effort. Seriously, enjoy!

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