March 30, 2010

Ideas for Kate's Nursery!!!

I have started the process of planning Kate's nursery! I am so excited to get things going. Kate's room is currently our guest room. We have a 3 bed room house with the rooms currently functioning as the master, an office, and a guest room. Due to the nature of Alex's work, and the fact that he logs on to his computer to work issues and such at 2am, the office needs to stay in tact. So, we will be clearing the guest room to make room for Kate. Our hope is that we can get a nice sleeper sofa or something similar to put in the office for guests. That hasn't really been figured out just yet.

But, on to the fun things - the nursery! I have had a blast picking out items and dreaming up this nursery in my head. My mom and sister (mostly my mom) will be custom making all of the linens for the room as well as the drapes. We will be using the following two fabrics for the bedding, accent throw pillows, and possibly the drapes. The room is a neutral taupe color and we will be leaving it - it looks really good with both fabrics.

The stripe will be used for the crib skirt and the paisley will be used for the bumper. We will accent the bumper with the stripe by adding pretty bows to attach the bumper to the crib and with a ruffle on top of the bumper. The stripe may also be used for the drapes - but, like I mentioned that hasn't been finalized just yet!
As of right now, we are leaning towards this crib. We purchased our stroller from a very reputable baby store in Houston, and they are willing to work with us on the price of the crib since we are repeat customers! I really wanted an iron crib but was having some trouble justifying the price. However, I think this crib is beautiful (it is prettier to me in person) and it is a bit less than some of the other iron cribs I was looking at on-line! (Our walls are a similar color to the walls in this picture.)

I plan on getting a big comfy glider and ottoman to keep in the room. Right now I am leaning towards this one - the best part is I saw this glider on-line and loved it - just not the price tag. Well, this company makes a line for Walmart so, this is a much more reasonable option! And, it has received rave reviews! Imagine a pretty soft pink throw over the back and an accent pillow in our fabrics resting in the glider!

I would like to put a custom painting of Kate's name over her crib. The only dilemma with that is we still aren't 100% sure what everyone will call her. Obviously I am calling her Kate now but, that doesn't mean she will always be Kate. I may go with a three canvas monogram over her crib instead to avoid this issue all together. However, if I do her name, I want something similar to this name canvas from esty seller Posh Paints.
Obviously, ours would match our nursery "feel" a bit more and the colors would match our fabric but, I love the font on this canvas!

We already have a tall dresser at the house that I (coughAlexorMimicough) plan to refinish to match the crib (so an antique white). It is just your standard 5 drawer dresser. I do plan to dress it up and make it girlier with some pretty new hardware! I would also like to find an antique buffet to refinish and use as a changing table/ storage center for more of Kate's things. My friend and I are planning on searching Houston in the near future for something! Use your imagination with this picture - this piece (and I really, really want to find something similar) could look stellar with some fresh paint and hardware!

As for minor touches, I would like a pretty nightstand/ table to put near the glider to set a lamp on and I would also like some type of bookshelf as I hope to instill my love of reading into Kate at a very early age! I would love a wall decal with one of my favorite verses to put above the windows or over the closet as well as a pretty, soft rug for the room (we have hardwood floors). I also really want to find a vintage frame to paint and make into a fabric covered cork board. I would use the paisley for this! My inspiration frame (it's actually a mirror which I would like to have as well):
I'm sure I will have more tidbits to add as we actually start planning but, this is my first attempt to get my thoughts out and expressed via pictures!  I hope y'all love it as much as I do!  I just cannot wait to see it all come together!!


Mary Perry said...

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the final product. Sounds like you have it all together and are on top of things!

shay said...

Sounds/looks beautiful!!!

~Brit said...

Everything sounds beautiful! I think you've done a great job dreaming up this nursery! Have fun getting everything together!

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