March 25, 2010

17 Weeks!!!

How Far Along: 17 weeks 1 day

Total Weight Gain: Currently up 4 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I am still in regular clothes for work and am wearing more dresses on the weekend.  But, I think I need to break down and go buy some maternity work pants ASAP.  Sitting at my desk with my pants unbuttoned is not very professional.

Stretch Marks: That small one I saw last week, on my hip, may or may not still be there.  Other than that - nothing!!

Best Moment this Week: Finding out that baby B is a girl!  I now call her by name, Kate, and have gone crazy shopping!

Movement: Still random pops/ flutters here and there but nothing consistent or major just yet.

Food Cravings: I am about to be hated by pregnant women.  I think cravings are totally fake.  I am now a firm believer that when a pregnant woman "craves" something, it is simply her attempt to justify eating something unhealthy (candy, chocolate, McDonald's, etc).  I have yet to have one of these mysterious cravings pregnant women speak of.  I still prefer salt/ cheesy snacks but that is because sweets upset my stomach.  I'll keep you posted if the cravings fairy every stops by. But, I'm thinking, like the tooth fairy, she is just a figment of some people's imagination.

Labor Signs: Nope. I did start my Progesterone shots though - I'll have to do a post on that.  Let's just say injecting oil (think vegetable oil - it is just as thick and yuck) into your hip/bum with a 1.5 inch, thick needle is not fun.  At all.

Belly Button Innie or Outtie: Innie

What are You Looking Forward to this Week: Our stroller is scheduled to come in finally!  And, I am going shopping for some nursery things with a friend this weekend!!!

I'll post a picture when I get home tonight and take one - unless I go crazy and try to take on in the full length mirror in the bathroom here at work.  That will for sure guarantee at leasta few side eyes my way!


~Brit said...

I swear I really do look forward to these posts. I wish I had not been so dumb and kept track of stuff like this. Madelyn is going to hate me when she's older and I have maybe 2 pictures of me pregnant with her.

Lindsey B said...

She won't hate you! I am only doing it b/c we are so far away from everyone and I know my Mom and Mrs. Cheryl want to read it all!

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