March 9, 2010

Hello from Hawaii!!!!

I am taking a break from the sun to pack a little (we fly out tomorrow night) and to catch y'all up on our vacay!!!

We got in Friday around 2 and picked up our car and headed out to Ko Olina (where we are staying).  We made a quick stop at Target since our hotel room is more apartment style and has a full kitchen.  And you know, since I need to eat all the time - so we got some snacks, drinks, frozen pizza, etc.  We got to the room and Alex immediately hit the water - he is a fish out there snorkeling!  After a little swim, we came in to get ready for dinner with Ashley & Dustin!  It was so good to see them!!

On Saturday we headed to the East side of the island and started out at Hanauma Bay which has great snorkeling (or so the pictures say - I sat my rather large behind on the beach and stayed there for about 5 hours).  Alex got a really awesome underwater camera (well it works above water too but is a digital that you can swim with) and got some really cool pics!  Here are a few:

Alex and I overlooking the Bay

The Bay

Some fish
After leaving the bay we drove along the East coast and stopped at a beach (cannot remember the name) for a little while.  It was too rough to get in but was fun to watch the surfers and body boarders.  We ended the night with grilled steaks, green bean bundles, twice bakes potatoes, and salad at Dustin & Ashley's - it was delish!

Sunday morning we headed back at to the East Coast but didn't stay very long due to the wind.  We headed back for grilled hamburgers for lunch then Alex and I headed to see the Missouri.  The weather was kind of nasty so we wanted to do something more inside/ not beachy.  The Missouri was in dry dock when we were here in November so we were unable to see it then - it was really neat to tour and learn all of the history surrounding the ship.  Did you know the Missouri fought in 3 wars (WWII, Korean War, and Persian Gulf War) and never lost a single sailor?  Pretty neat!

Yesterday we spent some time at the lagoons by our hotel and then took a 3-4 mile hike "off the pavement".  The north western most post of Oahu does not have a paved road but has a nice hike to see some hidden beaches and coves.  It was beautiful but my hips felt like they were going to fall off after all of that hiking!  Alex called me Granny last night because I was walking like one!

Hidden Beach

Self Portrait on Hidden Beach

(I have no clue why these aren't centered like I want them to be!)

Today we tried to go back to Hanauma only to find out (after sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours) that they are closed on Tuesday - we should have googled hours!  We drove around the North east coast for a bit then headed to Electric beach - Alex snorkeled with a few sea turtles but those pictures are still on the camera.  We then came back to our hotel area and snorkeled some more - I actually got in and had a good time! 

We head back home  tomorrow around 7pm and are sad to leave but man, I am tired!  All this sun has gotten to this momma and I need a weekend full of rest!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures :) Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip! Excited to follow along on your pregnancy journey!

A style blog said...

I love Hawaii! If I could, I'd go back every year!

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