March 28, 2010

It's Here!!!!

After a long 8 weeks of waiting and wondering when I would get the call about our stroller, I finally heard on Friday that it was in Houston and would be available for pick-up Saturday morning!!!

We ordered the 2010 UppaBaby Vista in the Special Edition color Maya and it is so pretty!  Kate is going to be so stylish in her pretty yellow stroller.  These pictures don't do the color justice - I took them in our bedroom and the lighting isn't that great.  It is more golden that it appears in the pictures!

The stroller came with the frame, a bassinet, and the regular seat.  Uppababy makes a stand for the bassinet so that it can be used around the house.  Kate will probably sleep in this bassinet for her first few weeks!  Here is the bassinet:

Looking into the bassinet!  I can't wait to see my sweet baby girl with a big bow on her head sleeping in there!
The regular seat can either face momma and daddy or face out.  Please notice the super big basket that I can fill up with all sorts of things!!!

The frame also takes an infant carseat - we just don't have ours yet!  Now, I just need to learn how to fold it up so I can put it away in the closet until Kate gets here!!!

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Monkey said...

I love your stroller! And I love the colour, as well...awesome.

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