March 29, 2010

Best Day Ever!!!

I officially felt a nice, strong kick form little Miss Kate!  I was worried that I wouldn't realize what it was but, let me tell you, when someone kicks you from the inside you know!  One of my friends asked me to describe what it was like and I am at a loss for words - it is very strange and hard to explain!

The timing was perfect too.  I had some totally irrational fears this weekend about things not being right or getting bad news at my ultrasound on Thursday so, this kick was the proof that I needed that Kate is growing and thriving!

Now, if I could just convince some of my older, female co-workers that I am indeed 18 weeks pregnant and not too small to be carrying a healthy baby.  Yeah, apparently they think I should be a whale by now...just wait until July - I'm sure I'll be nice and hugely swollen by then!


MJ said...

Everyone who says you're not big enough can shove it. I wish I would have that issue;)

So exciting for your kicks...

Erin said...

Yay!! enjoy those kicks, I love them and look fwd to feeling my little man everyday :) enjoy not being huge... because once you are... well it gets uncomfortable-d'oh! So happy for you!

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