March 22, 2010


Just a bunch of randomness - I think bullets will work nicely!
  • My shopping problem has not stopped - in fact it has gotten worse.  I hope it dies down in the coming days.  At least I am only buying things that are on sale or cheap to begin with!!
  • I made the "guts" to a homemade chicken pot pie yesterday.  I plan to make the topping and bake it off tonight.  I cannot wait for dinner - all I have been thinking about it the buttery, fluffy topping that I will most likely eat way too much of!
  • I have started consuming ice cream like a stereo typical pregnant lady.  My current favorite flavors are Girl Scout Cookie - Samoas and Ben and Jerry Cinnamon Rolls - so delish!
  • My Mom is coming to visit April 16-19 and I am so excited!  I am hoping she can help me get a few things ready for little Miss Kate!
  • Oliver (our 6 month old long haired dachshund) is getting fixed on Wednesday.  I booked it today b/c I can no longer take his new found obsession with marking.  I swear we take him out to pee and not 20 minutes later he is marking his scent in yet another corner of our house.
  • I am in the midst of planning a bridal shower for one of my good friends here in Houston and am really excited about it.  Everything is coming together and it should be awesome!  Also, our good friend from NorCal is coming out for the party!!!!
  • I forgot to mention but, at my last appointment, I was up 3 pounds - so I gained the two I lost back plus one more.  Everyone was happy about that!
  • We also learned at the last appointment that Kate officially weighed 6 whole ounces!  Miss Priss better chub up - I want to see little leg rolls spilling out of her bloomers and bubbles!!
  • I am starting to work on the nursery with my Mom - hopefully I will have fabrics selected this week.  If so, I will do a big post about all of my ideas!

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Unknown said...

loving the leg rolls... i'm sure she will be the chubbiest bounciest baby girl there ever was!

congratulations on the weight gain!

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