March 16, 2010

Major Baby Purchase!

I was notified today that Gilt* was having a sale on Petunia Pickle Bottom today. 

PPB and sale in the same sentence = one happy Lindsey!

So, I went to take a look.  I saw several of the boxy backpacks, some of the satchels, cute little onsies and baby socks and then, my heart skipped a beat.  I saw it.  The beautiful PPB Cake Cosmopolitan Carry All.  Beauty in the form of a diaper bag!

I have loved this bag for a while but I couldn't justify its price tag to Alex (let's just say it is well over a few hundred dollars).  However, today the bag was on sale for less than $200 - that is a steal!  So, I did what all couples do that work together - I sent him an IM asking for his credit card number.  And told him about this beauty and how much I wanted it and am only considering buying it b/c it is on super sale.  And how if I hate it or don't use it I will sell it on eBay and make all of our money back since it is so cheap.  Basically, I begged for it.  Not that I need to beg for things, we both make equal money and I can spend freely.  I just like to discuss bigger purchases with him (and he does the same).

He simply said, if you love it, and will use it, and promise that you won't be upset in two months b/c a "newer, better, more awesome" diaper bag comes out, buy it.  And that was it.

I am now the proud owner of this beautiful bag (now pray I love it!).  And, no I didn't get blue b/c we know what we are having - I got blue b/c it was on sale for more than 50% off!
* If you are not familiar with Gilt, it is a website that sells high end items at major discounts - you have to be invited to view the sales and purchase any items.  Follow this link and you can sign up - your husbands can thank me later!


kim said...

Love it! I have never seen that style before!

~Brit said...

Why did I not know about this site before now? I love your newest purchase and I can justify you spending that money for it. I never used my purse when I carried a diaper bag because why carry two bags. Therefore, you need a very cute bag that makes you feel stylish yet you still have all the pockets and easy clean up for baby's stuff. See, easy :) Hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love it! I'll have to remember about Gilt...

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