March 21, 2010


I have gone a bit nuts on the shopping front.  A trip to Target is no longer a quick get what you need and get out kind of thing anymore.  It has turned into a "get everything I need in record speed so I can spend quality time looking at baby things". 

I just can't resist when precious little outfits and dresses are $6-8.  I guess it defeats the purpose of things being super cheap when I leave with multiple outfits.  Oh well!  Here is a preview of Kate's latest additions to her ever growing wardrobe.

Two cute pink dresses
Two Cute blue dresses

Two sleepers
A cute pants/ bib/ onsie set. I am usually not big on outfits like this but the ruffles on the butt were just too cute to pass up! (Sorry I can't get the ruffle butt picture to upload correctly.)

I did some Etsy shopping last night too and bought three bows and headbands and a brown crochet hat with a pink and brown bow (I can't find the picture but the bow is just like the one on the right but attached to a hat instead).

So - there is my evidence (not all as I have made some on-line purchases that aren't here yet) that I must stop shopping!  It is just too fun to shop for a little girl - and I have waited a long time  do this!!

Here are pictures of me from today - almost 17 weeks - a front view and a side view!


~Brit said...

Love your purchases! Get used to it, I NEVER buy myself anything anymore. If I do, I usually have major buyer's remorse or I find something cute for Madelyn and take mine back to get what I want her to have instead.

Beanie said...

First - I am DYING over the cuteness that are those close. A ruffle on the BUM?! Gah!

Secondly - cute bump :)

Finally - I have purchased exactly two things. 1) an I love my daddy onesie and 2) a crib.

I am so behind the 8 ball.

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