March 24, 2010

Sweet little Ollie Bub!

Our sweet 7 month old puppy, Oliver, got fixed today.  Poor buddy didn't even know what was coming.  I just booked it on Monday because he was starting to mark the house and I was over cleaning up his pee.  So, I called the vet, was told they had an opening for today, and got him on the books.

I dropped him off this morning and his girlfriend Nina was there ready to give him kisses.  Our dog sitter Sarah (she is amazing) is the Vet Manager at the practice we go to.  Ollie and Nina (a mini Chihuahua) have a thing for each other and love playing when Sarah watches our dogs.  So, both of them were excited to see each other this morning.

I heard from Dr. Reid around noon and Ollie is doing good!  A bit groggy from the medicine but, the surgery was a success.  Now, I have the fun task of stopping a puppy from running or jumping for the next 3-4 days.  Not to mention he won't be able to go burn off energy at doggie day car for the next 10 days. 

The next week and a half better fly by!


Mel said...

Good luck with keeping him quiet! Little cutie patootie.

A style blog said...

Awwww.. lol. To think I was going to name my baby "oliver"

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