March 18, 2010


We had our ultrasound today and everything looks perfect. The baby is a GIRL and I am just so excited (I think Alex is a bit nervous and clueless as to what he will do with a girly girl)!! Her name will be Katherine Elizabeth. We will probably call her Kate but she may end of Katie, Katie Beth, or just Katherine - we really have no clue just yet!

She is perfectly healthy and measuring right on track. During the ultrasound she didn't want to show us her face and kept a hand covering her features at all times. But, she had no shame spreading her legs and showing us that she is indeed a girl. We will have to work on modesty when she gets here!

Here is a picture of her profile - her head/ face is on the right side, her right arm is raised up in the background and her left hand is covering her face (that I just know is cute as a button).

A bit of a confession:  My doctor has been guessing that the baby was a girl since 12 weeks.  However, she will not confirm the sex of babies until her patients are at least 16 weeks pregnant because 12 and 14 weeks is really early to tell the sex as parts still look similar for boys and girls.  Her guess was right for us though!

After our appointment I had to get some blood taken and then headed to the closest baby boutique to pick up some goods!  Kate got two cute gowns and a pair of socks!

I am so excited to start planning and shopping!!!


Greg said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!

~Brit said...

I forgot to tell you on facebook that I LOVE the precious outfits too!

MJ said...

♥ the name...Elizabeth is our girl middle name too

Mel said...

So excited for you Linds!

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