March 3, 2010

Keeping True to a Promise!

So, a while ago (like almost a year ago), I promised my sweet friend Meg that I would start a blog when I had something exciting to blog about.  We both knew that the "exciting" thing meant whenever I finally got pregnant (because lets face it - who really wanted to read about my not so fun journey of getting to this point?  No one I tell you!) and could blog about fun baby things and all of the changes that come with adding a little one to your life. 

Well, that day is here! Alex and I are currently expecting our first baby (we find out if it is a girl or boy tomorrow - hopefully) and we are due in late August!  I am right around 14 weeks.  Things started off a bit rocky but, as of now, all is well.  I am seeing a Perinatologist (high risk specialist) due to various reasons which means I go to the doctor WAY too much but, I get to see little baby B via ultrasound every appointment!

Meg has been kindly nagging  me (in her oh so sweet Southern voice) about this little blog for weeks (literally since the day she found out about this baby!) and I figured I would be a good friend and stay true to my promise. 

So Meg, here is my blog!  Now you will have to nag me about updating it regularly!


Lauren said...

Yay!! :)

~Brit said...

woohoo!!! I'm way too excited about reading about EVERYTHING. Does this mean I have no life? Oh well, can't wait for tomorrow and keep this thing updated please ma'am :)

The Jones Family said...

Lindsey!!! I'm already loving the blog! Thanks for the shout out! I'm sure I'll nag some more! Haha...

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